Soulful, smooth and funky....
Transporter swings!
Raw funk, mellow grooves, cool dubs, true jazz and flashes of psychedelia
Bitches Brew '99
Christoph Reimanns album debut is a redefinition not a revival,
a late night cruise through the 20th century.
Clarinet solos, funky bass, and cosmic e-piano.
Contemporary jazz? techno? electronic listening?
It's all music! It's here and now!

Full lenght versions of "the sun do move", "microclimate", "fresh kills", "eight"
and one exclusive track are available right here (MP 3)

Christoph Reimanns previous releases:
Reimann - "Booze" / Cheap / 12"+7"
Transporter - "Plisee" / Studio 54 / 10"
with B Recordings (N. Durie, A. Kunze, C. Reimann)
B Recordings - "Instant" / Cheap / 2x10"
B Recordings - "Mount Mitchum" / Payola/Hausmusik / 12"

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source records nr. 990131 / cd / 2xlp
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: caroline / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01  toutinum
tr02  beige room
tr03  the sun do move >MP3/full lenght version (4870kb)
tr04  frequent flyer
tr05  blonde cobra
tr06  microclimate >MP3/full lenght version (4953kb)
tr07  air
tr08  fresh kills >MP3/full lenght version (6797kb)
tr09  mondo
tr10  maybe i sing
tr11  eight >MP3/full lenght version (3023kb)
tr12  open fire
tr13  cucu
tr14  edgy
www exclusive bonus track / MP3 (5725kb)